Saturday, February 15, 2014

Carpetbag Cosby Cape

Hi Lovelies!

Self-imposed Sewing slump is over!

Getting right into the swing of things with this oh-so-cute cape from Vogue.  This cape has been on my timeline for at least two years.  After seeing my sewing mentor Erica B. whip it up (yes I can call her my mentor if we're sewing bff's in my mind), I fell in love!  Fashion at it's finest!


I've since seen two of my other favorite bloggers Mimi G. and Heather from Closet Case Files do serious justice to the basic pattern while adding their own personal touches (sorry but I'll have to add direct links to their sites later---this blogger app kind of sucks).


After one year, trashed attempts, tears and absolute confusion I have finally, FINALLY completed this lovely thing.  

WARNING: the item you are about to see represents the colorful, personal and sometimes slightly wacky style of one Ms. Tiffany McGuire.  Viewer discretion, sunglasses and reruns of the Cosby show are advised.

Fabric: Some kind of fabric that looks like wool but feels like yarn strands sewn together (technically it is a whole bunch of acrylic yarn strands sewn together and felted along the back). My boyfriend lovingly pointed out that it looked like a Dr. Huxtable sweater.


Pattern challenge: Not to look like a striped M&M.  This pattern has MUCHO volume.  I mean MUCHO!  I took 2 inches out of the center back seam and it's still voluminous. Pretty easy in concept but lots of hand sewing and puzzle piecing for my not so experienced self.  I wanted to line it but as that's what got the first attempt frogged and trashed, decided to stick with the instructions... this time.

In seam pockets
Metallic seam bound hem (inserted upside down...don't ask)
Snap closures (thanks for the tip Mimi G)


Warmer temps promised this week so pictures of a modeling ME will follow soon!