Sunday, August 23, 2015

City points

Hello there....

How opportune is it that my sister wants to practice her photography just as I decide I need more pictures.  FATE! :-)

Here we have V9100.  Custom fit for a non custom body. Now normally I'm a muslin kinda girl but something told me stretchy fabric, extended boob sizes, additional bodice length--- I'll be fine.

Not sew my friends, not sew (groan if you want, that was clever).

Apparently I'm going for the "forever cold" look here.

Awkward dirndle skirt look isn't a look for me (especially with crazed hair - maybe the hobo chic 2016 line?

Retrospectively, the added length in the torso and lack of respecting my actual measurements were not beneficial.  I also still struggle with fabric appropriateness.  I doubt I'll ever be a "straight out of the envelope" kind of girl (straight bummer).  

I'll leave you with a few more pictures and a promise to try and stick with fabric recommendations in the future (at the very least)!