Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hiatus over!!!!!

And what a hiatus it was!

We're going all out sewing....stay tuned!


p.s.  Huge apologies for any unanswered comments and emails.  There have been trips, surgery and rehab over the last few months but everything should be golden going forward. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's talk Pants people...


I'm sure some of you can relate...big butt + thighs + smaller waist = God's sun smiling down onto the crack of your BEE-hind without the aid of a good belt.

This is DEFINITELY a worldwide epidemic!  I googled "small waist big butt jeans" and found countless  posts and pics (no comments on the unsmallness of my waist please.  Thank you. :)) 

Why oh why does it have to be like this...

Please ignore my crude illustration...Photoshop, Illustrator and I have not come to a mutually beneficial agreement (aka...I suck at it)

Rather than this...


Look at that  pant WAIST!  Gives me something to dream about!  One day, it shall be like this for us all!!! Anywhoo...I digress.  Long story short, I'm tired of having to wear a belt ALL the time.  Sometimes I like belts over my tops and it's very awkward when you have a belt for your pants, belt for your shirt AND a kangaroo tummy  (for those of you who don't know...see below for kangaroo tummy):

So I'm venturing into the pants world.  Pray for me you guys. Hopefully I come out of this with all my hair and the most wonderfullest pair of pants in the WORLD (at least for me)! 

I leave you with some real life examples of perfect pant fits (from the front...crotch fit is JUST as important!!)...

Ms. Mimi G

Lady Cotton & Curls

Ms. Erica B.     

Stay tuned....


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't beat me...I'm back...really...

Hi Friends!!!

My sincerest apologies for ditching like a truant high school student in July...

I've been on the other side of the world (China--go there....GORGEOUS)...sick with a sinus flu thingy...celebrated 30 (woohoo) and finally found my sewing mojo!

Cutest Yeti EVAH!

Aren't I a cute Yeti??!?!?  

This vest and I were NOT friends for a long time.  In fact, we still ain't friends (yeah, I said ain't).  Three months of labor (ok, ok...2 of the months may be attributed to procrastination).  Finally done though.  It came out much cuter than I thought!

But shall probably not get worn again.  As diva as I like to be, this vest just isn't me (like my Kanye rhyme?  Haha).  I'm just proud of myself for making it.  Hours and hours of hand sewing (didn't want to mess up my machine with all that flying fur) are the details:

Shell:  Faux fur (duh right? hahahaha)
Lining: Quilted Silk (handstitched to faux fur)

 I think I love the inside more than the fur hahahaha.  Look how pretty that gold is...

yes...I am minus a few quarts of blood with all that daggone pinning   


Time to start checking off the list! :)