Friday, November 13, 2015

Birthday Glow!

Hi All,

In non-sewing related news, I recently had a birthday and what a WHOPPER it was.  From start to finish, my BF went out of  his way to bring in 33 right!

It was a good weekend for pictures but let's talk a little about size wars.  It still amazes me when women are afraid to trust their eyes and bodies.  Yes, we have all committed fashion faux pas' (IS there a plural for that term??) thinking something should fit when it doesn't, but if you're honest with yourself, you can shop in places you wouldn't usually think AND make it work in your favor.  I bought this lovely poncho on vacation in Panama from Zara.  Now, I love Zara as a brand (especially on sale) but I don't often go in because European cut on my this booty doesn't work -forget the fact that it's strictly straight size.  BUT, sometimes I find gems. This was one of those times.  Soft, warm and covered in fringe - it screamed to me!  It doesn't run large but is one of those things that truly fits almost all people (I'm definitely towards the end of the "all people" spectrum at 5'10" - size 20/22).  While in Zara, I also found quite a few jackets and tops that would definitely fit up to an 18/20 comfortably.  This is why we must try! What's a dress to some, may work for you as a cute top.   Learn what brands work for you- plus-size or not! 

The picture gods were SHINING on me!

I L-O-V-E this top and please don't get me started on my boots.  The wind is showing the true perfection of this hi-lo hem.  DRAMA honey!  A moment of true transparency: In my past, I was not a fan of Fashion to Figure -  I didn't like their trend patterns.  Now??  Someone (who shall remain nameless but may be writing this blog), is a TRUE convert.  FTF for the win!  I went in on a whim for a birthday outfit and almost left the contents of my wallet in the store.  I literally wanted almost everything on one wall.  Even though I've made a pledge to minimize my spending by maximizing my fabric stash........they may be my quick and easy fix to keep fancy with fast fashion.  Just a note on my boots - this is my second pair from (formerly  All I can say is GET THEM!  Comfy and oh so cute!  Had them before fringe and the 70's became the rage and will probably wear them well into my dotage.

As you can see, the birthday glow was real - beyond great times!  Back to sewing!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

City points

Hello there....

How opportune is it that my sister wants to practice her photography just as I decide I need more pictures.  FATE! :-)

Here we have V9100.  Custom fit for a non custom body. Now normally I'm a muslin kinda girl but something told me stretchy fabric, extended boob sizes, additional bodice length--- I'll be fine.

Not sew my friends, not sew (groan if you want, that was clever).

Apparently I'm going for the "forever cold" look here.

Awkward dirndle skirt look isn't a look for me (especially with crazed hair - maybe the hobo chic 2016 line?

Retrospectively, the added length in the torso and lack of respecting my actual measurements were not beneficial.  I also still struggle with fabric appropriateness.  I doubt I'll ever be a "straight out of the envelope" kind of girl (straight bummer).  

I'll leave you with a few more pictures and a promise to try and stick with fabric recommendations in the future (at the very least)!





Friday, July 24, 2015

Stop the dilly dallying...

So... I've been M.I.A, on semi-permanent hiatus, gone into space, etc. I've almost written a post every week

...for a year.

 No mas!  I've hesitated in posting (if that's what you can call it) because I have almost no outfit pictures to share.  Then I realized, this is "Amazon Sews and STUFF"! and if there's nothing else I's STUFF!

Winter cowl made for sissy # 2 - 2 hours of fun with a giant hook. 

Taught myself to knit this past winter...the addiction is real
Obviously have to work on the posing thing - Summer Me-Made outfit
Love both of the following but apparently my waist doesn't....   


Outfit posts soon to come (breaking out the welding torch and "how to build an iPhone/camera holder for dummies".


Sunday, January 4, 2015