Monday, July 30, 2012

Cropping it before Crop Over...BFSC (the good and the ugly)

So I'm headed to the lovely Barbados in a few hours...wanted to get this post out while I have the chance.  :)

The lovely crop top (second to last thing on my Big Fat Summer Challenge list.  HHHHHHH!  THIS mess was a challenge.  Had to find something that covers 2 out of the 2 1/2 back/belly rolls, doesn't cling, looks nice and fits the purpose.

In steps our friend ASOS.   Following the example of a few of our fashionably curvy divas, I ventured into the world of straight sizes...

Someone rescue me!

Apparently both of my goddaughters are professional photobombers...Isn't she beautiful though?

I have to tell you...I loved this outfit.  I was sufficiently covered and comfy.  What do you think?

Let me share this with you though...

If plan to go to the movies with your beau and reach in for some sugar while on the concession line, make sure you put a pretty bra under that there crop top ok (thank you lady in the pretty gold dress for pointing out that I, Tiffany McGuire, flashed the right side of the room with black satin).

That's all.

Baby girl semi-posing + a shot of the full length of my skirt
I love this skirt but boy am I glad I hemmed the heck out of that polyester.  Bad enough it's hotter than a winter weight sharkskin suit, it also frays like all heck.

Top: Asos
Skirt: DIY
Bracelets: Misc (gifted and purchased)
Belt: Ashley Stewart

Crop top # 2...not so great...

I liked it in the mirror, got compliments on the outfit but in pictures there are a whole lot of reasons why this top is not for anyone over a 36 C...

Ahh well:  E for effort!

Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelets: Miscellaneous (gifted and purchased)
Handbag: Louis Vuitton

One more to go!  Pray I finish this two-piece in time....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm a slacker...

Firstly, let me apologize for my complete slackness.  I'm leaving for Barbados on Tuesday and while I started around 7 items of clothing to create my ultimate island getaway look, the only thing that was actually made in completion is my debt to Macys....hmph!
Three more days until the end of the BIG FAT SUMMER CHALLENGE and I have 3 more items to check off my list...both pushed me out of my box but will probably get worn to DEF for the rest of the summer.  :)  Pictures and posts to follow soon (I promise! Amazon honor...)

For now...
Here's a little arts& crafts I have going on...the middle three were made by moi...  The two beaded ones were simple enough...tutorial for the boxed bracelet (I KNOW you remember that pattern from our youth...grown up lanyard playtime--Big girls use leather :)).

Tutorial HERE.



Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mrs. Roper attacks!

Hello All!

So striking my sewing list down one by one... up today Mcall's M6552.

Simple pattern but as you can see, I'm gonna have to do some adjusting (bustin' loose in the cleavage area).

In theory I loved this dress.  A few inches added and I actually had maxi a dress that reached my feet. :)  The fabric (while lovely) was not ideal for this pattern  The sleeves were super wonky so I just hacked them off.  Unfortunately with the accessories, it's a little Flinstone sexy sirenish...  I'm definitely going to remake it (if only for pride's sake) but using something a little do you say...less Mrs. Roper and more 70's show love child. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Quickie...Big Fat Summer Challenge--Hi-Lo

Hola Mi Gente!

Just a quick hello and pic post.  If I had extra alien hands and feet I couldn't begin to count the amount of sewing projects on my sewing table, chair, machine, bucket, dress form (you get the idea).  Short story long, I'm going to overwhelm the world with posts in the coming weeks but for now...

Hi-Lo (sorta)...
Top: Old Ashley Stewart; Jeans: Seven (deconstructed by me!); Sandals: Gifted from Mi madra--origins Grenada; Sunnies: Not really...Semi Prescription...LOVED the frames

I've had this top for AGES!  Thank goodness too.  I was stumbling on the Hi-lo portion of our challenge (not normally my favorite style).  These were a wonderful pair of Seven jeans that I deconstructed and destroyed about 5 years ago.  My rump got too plump for them but I hate throwing away my work (bad habit).  Good thing I kept them.  5 years and 30 lbs. less later...BAM!  Bleach high and sandpapering off my fingerprints was almost worth it...


Gotta do something about that wonky hem.  Ignore my "swolled" toes :)

Adios for now! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Short Shorts...the devil they are---Big Fat Summer Challenge ctd...

This past weekend I ventured into unknown territory y'all.  Sights, feelings and sounds unknown....the world of the ROMPER  (BIG TIME shiver...someone queue the scary music).

Now I'm not a fan of the romper by nature of the name alone.  My big behind doesn't romp (at least not in the category of fashion he he).  I prefer the more adult (yet still youthfully named) playsuit...hold all comments please. :)

The mother figure loves to pin the boobage area...Me?  Not so much! :)

LOVED this color and style! BOO to my hungry thighs eating the inner fabric (WTH)!


It's so funny...I'm never afraid of showing my two fat knees in a skirt but tell me I have to wear shorts and you may as well tell me granny square sweaters and my old catholic school midcalf skirt are the vogue (let us say "not a chance in you know where" together).

Ah well!  For the sake of my beloved Big Fat Summer Challenge I have made the effort (and I think conquered my fear enough to have fallen slightly in love).

Playsuit: ASOS; Belt:; Clutch: Vintage Gucci; Sandals: Gifted from Israel; Bracelets: Gifted and Purchased from/in Trinidad; Watch: Emperio Armani

p.s. That's my oldest munchkin godchild sneaking in the picture lolol. LOVE IT!