Thursday, July 5, 2012

Short Shorts...the devil they are---Big Fat Summer Challenge ctd...

This past weekend I ventured into unknown territory y'all.  Sights, feelings and sounds unknown....the world of the ROMPER  (BIG TIME shiver...someone queue the scary music).

Now I'm not a fan of the romper by nature of the name alone.  My big behind doesn't romp (at least not in the category of fashion he he).  I prefer the more adult (yet still youthfully named) playsuit...hold all comments please. :)

The mother figure loves to pin the boobage area...Me?  Not so much! :)

LOVED this color and style! BOO to my hungry thighs eating the inner fabric (WTH)!


It's so funny...I'm never afraid of showing my two fat knees in a skirt but tell me I have to wear shorts and you may as well tell me granny square sweaters and my old catholic school midcalf skirt are the vogue (let us say "not a chance in you know where" together).

Ah well!  For the sake of my beloved Big Fat Summer Challenge I have made the effort (and I think conquered my fear enough to have fallen slightly in love).

Playsuit: ASOS; Belt:; Clutch: Vintage Gucci; Sandals: Gifted from Israel; Bracelets: Gifted and Purchased from/in Trinidad; Watch: Emperio Armani

p.s. That's my oldest munchkin godchild sneaking in the picture lolol. LOVE IT!


  1. this looks soooo nice on you!! love the color and the belt, perfection ;)

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I think I'm in love with rompers now...You've created a monster!

  2. I think you did well in your "playsuit"! I am not big on rompers either but I own one. It is definitely one of those things cuter on smaller women. I can accept that. I love what you did with yours. The color is great and how you styled it is fabulous! I am laughing on the inside at your hungry thighs eating the inner fabric. Us big girls know allllll about that..LOL!


    1. Thanks Tavia!

      These thigh things are NO JOKE! By the look GREAT in that sleeveless romper yourself!