Friday, July 24, 2015

Stop the dilly dallying...

So... I've been M.I.A, on semi-permanent hiatus, gone into space, etc. I've almost written a post every week

...for a year.

 No mas!  I've hesitated in posting (if that's what you can call it) because I have almost no outfit pictures to share.  Then I realized, this is "Amazon Sews and STUFF"! and if there's nothing else I's STUFF!

Winter cowl made for sissy # 2 - 2 hours of fun with a giant hook. 

Taught myself to knit this past winter...the addiction is real
Obviously have to work on the posing thing - Summer Me-Made outfit
Love both of the following but apparently my waist doesn't....   


Outfit posts soon to come (breaking out the welding torch and "how to build an iPhone/camera holder for dummies".