Monday, April 30, 2012


Ahh lovely people, I finally badgered one of my sisters to take photos of my nice enough blue dress (thank God she supports me wholeheartedly or I'd have lost a couple of inches by now).  Now I've spoken about how I fell out of love with this but was determined to finish and....

ehhhhhhhhhh....I'm ok with it. Family likes it, friends like it...what's wrong with the Amazon? <shrug>  You tell me...

Original pattern:

cute right?

And here I am...
A little nippy...

So I wore this doodad to brunch with my parents and sister #1. Loved the way it looked with my jacket and accessories.  Not so crazy about it solamente...
Stuffed bird pose...  (it warmed up a bit so time to strut)

I will say there are a COUPLE details I loved:

Kente cloth lined pocket
Exaggerated shirttail
L-O-V-E-D the back. Added my gold Wonder Woman belt for a little pizazz (one must always show respect to one's Amazonian leader).  Unfortunately in my haste to make a dramatic hem difference I neglected the front and almost showed my Britney at brunch (horror and shame).

Here are a few details:

  • Fabric: Blue cotton twill & kente cloth (cotton I think)
  •  Two-way zipper used rather than a button front  (my busty self is no friend of the button)
  • Eliminated the drawstring (high behind, drawstrings and busty belly do not a friend make)
  • Shortened the front hem by 1.5", lengthened the back by 2" (ultimately that .5" in the front was almost the end of my ladyhood)
Will I make this dress again?  Probably not.  It was definitely a learning experience though.

Toodles from the land of Amazonia....

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