Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot floral mess...

Last week, I took it upon myself to make a dress in one evening...

Who the HECK knocked me in the head with the stupid stick???

Dress: DIY; Belt:; Shoes: Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack; Bracelets DIY (beaded) & Lane Bryant (big bangle)

Don't get me wrong...I love the fabric (stretch cotton) and technically I like the design (although it's not my usual style) but ONE NIGHT for a dress soup to nuts (AKA...nothing was cut or prepped beforehand) is CRAZY!!  You can tell what part got done at 2:30a...

All kind of fit issues...this is why I've been pacing myself.  <le sigh>.  I basically used the bodice from my peplum top and free handed a skirt (rectangle of fabric gathered in to join with the bodice).

I figured out way too late what holding tightly to a stretch fabric while attaching binding can do to a neckline/armhole...wonk city...

The dress looks like it can stand up on its own. :(


I do love the fabric.  Thankfully I have a bit left...maybe a slim-line skirt to make happy. :)

Isn't it pretty???  Looks like a psychedelic dream...:)



  1. wow, done in one night? i bow down to you lol! it's super cute


    1. Thanks so much! Haven't done that since my school days. DID NOT miss it. :)

  2. You go girl! Well done! The your fabric selection is AWESOME!

    1. Thanks so much! It's even prettier in person and I got it for a steal on :)