Friday, September 28, 2012

Hello Lovelies!

Went shopping with the BFF yesterday and found a few terrific sales pieces (i.e. the Ralph Lauren denim skirt I've been stalking since spring) and a few things that really made me ask..."Which fat girl was measured for THIS?".

I'll talk about my shopping bonanza in an upcoming post but for now...

ITEM #1:

Can someone PUH-LEASE tell me what this is about?


WHAT IS THIS in a size 3X??? Is it just me that feels something's dreadfully wrong with tight sleeves and empty pastry bag shoulders? How is this even constructively possible?

I mean COME ON! Who are these people fitting? We all know that 99% of the time, cheaper seams/brands/materials = bigger size than normal. I'm fine with that, I don't have size sticker shock or anything. I never hesitate to grab a 3x for those brands I know full well are going to be one wear and done (I'm a 1x/2x or 20/22 in "quality merchandise" depending on the designer).


On to the next one...

 ITEM #2:

I LOVE sales.  Who doesn't?  I love buying black dresses on sale.  Again, who doesn't?
I'll tell ya what I don't like...unnecessary accessories designed to enhance the the garment but are mysteriously inappropriate for said garment...


(I apologize for the lack of clarity in this picture but it was 1050 degrees Fahrenheit in the plus size dressing room...nevermind that the BFF and I were tee heeing every 5 seconds)


This my friends, is a size 20 dress.  HOWEVER...they must have made it and mixed it up in the Misses section as well because you cannot tell me that belt is not a size 12.  How is it that on a plus size dress I have exactly 1.5 inches of decorative belt for my dress?  I have earrings longer than the amount of belt left over.


Now this was a pretty cute dress.  Knit, well fitted, not clingy in the least, cute get the picture.  I had no hope of fastening this belt and eating, sitting, walking, or breathing if purchased.  Please also answer this question...


In the broad scheme of things, why create such a tiny belt for the 4"inch high waistline of the dress?  It's a waist thong people!! What am I going to do with that?  I know, I know...I have 10,000 belts I could've used but I said no on straight principle.  Some of these designers need to THINK!


Side note:  I think I've found my dream jeans...


Although this picture shows why you have to try things on for yourself, these jeans are PERFECT!  They reach PAST the Amazonian ankles of my 5'10" self and hug the curves (not squeeze like a denim boa constrictor).  I've gone all day without even wearing a belt!!  For those of you who don't understand:  Junk in the trunk + smaller waist= everyone seeing what Cacique from Lane Bryant really means.


Love them, they're on sale @ Macys. Will be buying another pair!


xoxo for now!


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