Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's outfit (not my best but keeping my promise)

Not my best but I do love this skirt...we'll pair it with not so frumpy items later this summer.  For now...

Frump McGump hahahaha!

Evening dinner

I got sick of the tank and belt so....
A little better...definitely going to do justice to this later this summer 


Skirt:  DIY maxi--3 yds. serious polyester (I underestimated the shred factor---definitely going to have to hem this bad boy)
Denim jacket: Lane Bryant circa 2000
Sandals: via Grenada (literally)
Bag: Gucci

This was a rough post (looking a bit dusty today).  But I promised myself I'd post the good, the bad and the ugly (note to self: even self-promises should have a "get out" clause).


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  1. Cute outfits :-)