Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Blues....(ain't so bad) PIC HEAVY

So my BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL older sister from my other mother got married two weeks ago.  Good thing my nappy eyelashes reject mascara...not a doggone dry eye in the place.

The 'motional bride
Bride and Groom secret clabber jabber
Happiness (sorry for the blur)

This intimate shindig had a color scheme of blue and and silver...the Amazon has one blue item in each clothing category none of which are appropriate (read: help her to avoid a beat down from mothers and siblings).  On I went to Macy's.  Found a dress, I swear I did. Unfortunately, the dress never made it's way into my heart so after 3 hours of sleep and a mad dash to Mood, Macy's and Ashley Stewart, I sewed up this darling doodad of a skirt in 30 minutes (Domino's ain't got JACK on me).

Please enjoy:

I felt like a statue--LOVED IT

Just a little 'tude
My ride or die BFF (the lovely bride's sister from the same mother)
My babies/nieces/goddaughters loves of my life (had to hold those heifers down for a pic)
  My favorite accessory...Dishy isn't he?

Don't know what kind of face I was making but I still love the pic...

Can you tell how much we like to cuddle??

Good times for us all. :)


MATERIAL: blue silk shantung
TEE: Calvin Klein's Men's collection
Belt/jewelry: Ashley Stewart

Tata from Amazonia...


  1. I followed you here from your Colette Blog post about 20s and 60s silhouettes. That is an awesome skirt! I can't believe you made it in 30 mins. Looks like a beautiful wedding!

    1. Thanks Donna!! It was a great wedding! :)The skirt was unbelievably easy to make (literally sewed up the two ends, folded over the top for elastic and VOILA! I would recommend hemming it though.:)