Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yesterday's outfit...

SEVERE wardrobe malfunction...I'm talking about feeling breezes where breezes should NEVER be felt in public (damn 2 year-old leggings).  After scurrying home (thank God I hadn't made it too far in my journey), I threw on the first thing I could grab: my Butterick 3076 pattern (bought for $1.99 at some clearance sale or the other). 

I used the front bodice of the blue dress and the back bodice of the white

I was holding on to this dress for when it truly got warm here in NYC but desperate times call for desperate measures (thank goodness for denim jackets and boots).

LOVE IT (minus the puffed eyes--what the heck?!)
Gratuitous bubbies shot---(just joshing...I'm actually showing the neckline adjustment)

I must say blogworld....I L-O-V-E it!!!  Accessories always help but I think this dress is so cute!  I already have 2 more cotton prints in line to make a couple more (first time I've ever repeated anything besides a maxi skirt--who doesn't need 10 of those???)

Wardrobe malfunction gone RIGHT! (hi-5 to me)


Pattern: Butterick 3076 (view B)
Material: Grey Cotton (kinda voile-ish, kinda swiss dottish--textured and light)
Adjustments: added a bust dart, changed from high bateau neck to an almost plunging "U-shape" (the girls were suffocating in that original front)
Will the Amazon make this again?: Absofrigginlutely!

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